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Marcus's execution, backdated FOREVER, Open to Reactions
The Clubs had been less than sure about Marcus's confession after the Trial, but Argine had spent three to five hours a day since then talking to him, and now that a fortnight had passed she felt reasonably sure that he was, indeed, telling the truth - at least as he saw it.

Those involved in the post-trial discussion were, of course, kept abreast of anything she discovered, and on the day of the execution they were all present to witness Marcus, one last time, say the words that had finally convinced Argine of his sincerity.

"Please, let me die for this. I've committed two crimes worth dying for, and I'd rather die for killing a king." The other crime, of course, had been interfering with Athena's plans - both in killing the King and in failing to defeat Delilah.

Argine nodded, this time. "Yes, Marcus. Everything's prepared."

Elisha pulled him to his feet as his hands were bound behind him, and walked him out to the scaffolding that had been prepared in the courtyard. Argine and Alexander followed, and after them Lancelot and Eileen. Once again, her daughter had decided to forgo childhood to fulfill her duty as Ace.

Elisha deposited Marcus on the platform, and instructed him to kneel before the block over which he would - in a moment - lean his neck.

Alexander took a greatsword none watching had ever seen used, and ascended to the platform. He addressed Marcus, charging him with the crime, and delivering the sentence. Marcus, when asked if he understood, simply nodded, and then closed his eyes, seeming to hold his breath. Those gathered held their breath with him. the greatsword, in Alexander's powerful hands, went up and then came down, severing the head neatly. It bounced, rolled, and fell into the cauldron placed for the occasion as blood squirted from arteries and drenched the block and the body that had been Marcus slumped in death.

Argine briefly put a hand over her mouth, but did not look away. Still, she could not refrain from reflecting upon the fact that no one had been executed in such a public way in the Deck for a very long time. She was not glad that it had begun again with her own Suit.

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2011-11-13 01:00 pm (UTC) (Link)

For Rachel, the cold is more than just from the weather without. There's a numbness within that's spreading uncomfortably through her chest and keeps her more or less rooted in place. Her face and voice softens just slightly in response to the girl, but it's instinctive, a force of habit, little more.

"There are many reasons why I would not have missed it, Eileen. But you are welcome nonetheless."

The name catches in her throat just slightly, but she still doesn't say 'little one.' It doesn't suit the Clubs' Ace-- not right now, perhaps not ever again.

Suddenly, Rachel finds she'll need to begin walking again soon or she'll freeze. It really is too cold out here.


2011-11-13 01:26 pm (UTC) (Link)

She spends so much of her life attempting to get people to call her Eileen. There's too much 'milady Ace,' 'little Ace,' 'my Ace,' and even the occasionally over-distancing 'Miss Eileen' that only sounded familiar on certain lips.

Being called 'Eileen' by her aunt felt like being told she was a stranger.

She was.

Her jaw tightens as she looks away again. "If you'll excuse me. There's a good deal that needs looking to. You understand."


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Where was the baby she once wished was hers, could have been hers in another life? Where was the toddler she'd helped teach how to walk, to talk, had carried around her Castle without a second thought? Where was the little girl she'd once gifted with a fake archery set one afternoon so long ago-- an afternoon that she cherished now with the hindsight of a woman who had found she had lost something irreplaceable?

She wasn't here. Not in this woman-child before her. This Ace.

For a moment she wants to damn her cousin and her former best friend for the life they've subjected their daughter to, but she doesn't even have the energy left for that. She barely has the energy left to respond, "Of course, I've business of my own to attend to, and I'm sure you do, as well. Take care of yourself." Ace. Eileen. Little One.

She'll turn her head so she doesn't see her when she walks away.


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Eileen can't make her voice work to reply with the expected 'you as well.' Her throat is too tight. She takes a deep breath, but the words still don't come.

For half a second, she glances back to her aunt--but the woman's head is already turned.

No going back now. Not that she'd ever had the choice. Maybe no one will notice if she slips away to cry in the privacy of her own room now.


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Rachel, at least, doesn't notice, not even the fact that she doesn't hear the reply. She can't notice-- she's too busy making sure that she doesn't look around, doesn't look back. Looking back would mean breaking. Looking back would mean regretting.

She hasn't looked back since the day she walked away from the Clubs Court and into the Diamonds'.

She starts walking again now.