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[OTA] The rabbit has done died.
She had really, sincerely, truly been hoping that she had the flu. Even though she was virtually never ill and there was no virus going around the Deck, she'd mostly convinced herself she had one and she'd be over it in a week or so. The five pregnancy tests just had been because she'd been curious about how they worked. But given every single one of them managed to be positive, Urania had decided that maybe it would be an intelligent idea to go to the doctor and see what was actually wrong.

At which point she finally got to a point where even she couldn't push the denial any further.

She was going to have to tell people. Isaac first, of course, and given how much she was silently freaking out, she had a feeling they might be hyperventilating together. And then she was going to need to tell Calypso, and she had no way of predicting how that was going to go. Though she expected some deer in the headlights expressions.

And then. All the other people. Oh god. David. Katya. Chives.

She didn't look like she was panicking at least, as she dropped down on a bench at the edge of the Green and watched a group of four year olds go to war over a rubber duck.

Was this going to be her life in four years?

[ooc: open to anyone~ But especially Isaac and Calypso and anyone else who wants the normally even-keeled Urania Apollonides to freak her shit at you.

Because that's going to happen.]


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"So it is."

She's going to have to switch to decaffeinated tea, Urania realizes. There will have to be a whole series of Procedures and Plans that have to be followed. And dear God. The wedding. She and Isaac had only started discussing it, and she had no idea how they were going to make it happen so quickly. So she looks a little overwhelmed, as she takes a sip of her tea and measures what her words will be. Engagement first or baby first? Is either one of them going to go over well?

No. So, cause and effect.

"I'm pregnant," Urania says evenly. "And Isaac and I are getting married."


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It's Better that she takes the cup, despite the fact that she's a touch Shaky, a little Frayed. Better means it Will Be Sorted, no matter how rough the transition. Better means his head can crack to an Appropriate Angle and take the piece of every Spades' burden he's meant to shoulder.

Only then it's suddenly very much Not Better.

It's been a while since less than ten words have so succinctly punched him in the gut. There's no change in expression. There's no shift in posture. There's no breathing, actually.

There's just a man entirely shutting down, perhaps rebooting, from the sudden influx of Too Much that's slammed into his incapable processors. The rest is silence.


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She knew it was going to be bad, of course. That's why she told him like ripping off a bandaid. Fast, blunt, but over fast that way. But she hadn't expected quite...

This. Exactly.

The cup clatters lightly in the saucer as she watches him. Watches him for anything beyond this sudden...Stillness. And she swallows around a lump in her throat. Pregnant women are more susceptible to emotions. It's the hormones. It's not that these few steps closer together have been Ruined by a failure of birth control at precisely the right moment.




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It's not Immediate. The pause has to remain a touch longer, give his mind a few more seconds to attempt to catch up. He's not quite there when the replay begins. Belatedly, the chink of china on china snaps his spine straight, one hand shooting up automatically to still the cup.

Urania Apollonides is pregnant. Urania, Six of Spades, is marrying Isaac.

The thing is Done.

It's likely the croak in his voice that has him, briefly, sounding more like Iollan than he's ever sounded before. "'ll be... requiring things from storage, then."

An incomplete thought. Cribs. Sentiments. Urania is pregnant. Urania is--

One. One, two. One, two, three. One, two, three, four, and the breath comes back just enough.


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"A...few, yes." She bites the inside of her lip and steadies herself. Because she must, of course, and because they'll make it through this somehow. With a wider rift than before, it seems. But nonetheless.

But she lifts her chin and swallows. "I trust you know better than me what I'll need, though," Urania says. "And it's...early yet."

They have time, she hopes.


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It will take Time to examine the Damage this has done to the rift. It will take Time to admit the Stitching this has done to close it. For now, it's Safest just to throw the entire universe back to arm's length.

" is, Miss." One hand can move enough to curl around the saucer of the teacup again. The other sweeps down the hall with mechanical straightness in the direction of her rooms. "One... trusts you'll accept the recommendation you rest."

He'll see her to her rooms. And then he'll kick the staff out of the kitchen. Wash the sink red; bleach it white again. Move on from there.


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It will be...something approaching Fine at some point, Urania thinks, and she nods. "I could lie down," she admits. Maybe if she lets him Take Care, things will be alright. Better.

It makes sense at the moment.

She knows what will happen. Maybe not exactly, but she knows how Chives copes. How he's always coped. She used to try to help him cope, but there's nothing she can do right now.

"Maybe...later we can look at what's in storage?"


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Her acquiescence. helps with the Rift. Not visibly--he's not in a place that sort of Better can be seen, not just now. There's Too Much in the way. All it earns is a briefly deep ratchet of his head past the shoulder parallel before he snaps straight again to begin sweeping her down the hallway.

They'll Function. They'll Process separately, and come together for the Practical until the Better is ready to shine through again. Things like going into storage.

One. One, two.

It takes four repetitions to Ten before his head jerks in a nod. "At your... earliest convenience, Miss Urania."

Better. Bubbling out underneath everything, unconscious. One, two, three, four. Ten.


2012-06-02 03:40 pm (UTC) (Link)

She will just need. Time. A little time alone, to figure out what she's going to do - even if what she's going to do is already decided. Time to breathe, time to regroup.

Time before she tried to put she and Declan back into some semblance of together.

"Thank you, Chives. I'll let you know."